Welcome to my campaign!

This will be my attempt at finally making The Psionic Wars work from beginning on. I will happily add any information requested to the wiki, forums, or character logs. I will be working on this for a while before the campaign opens, but that is simply because I have to transfer from my original notebook to this site. I am very hopeful that you, my players, and I will be able to make this campaign run true. Thank you for cooperating and have fun exploring the campaign!

How to Start

To see the rules for character Creation navigate to the wiki and go through the steps outlined there. The wiki is also a great reference compiled by me from the Eberron Campaign Setting and related books, though tweaked slightly where necessary to fit my campaign and stories. All of the basic information that your characters know about the world will be compiled in the wiki as well. I’m creating the wiki as the ultimate resource for you to discover more about Eberron. The changes I’ve made from the books are designed to be small enough that you can confidently use the original books as a resource for the campaign world. The wiki is however condensed from the books with all of the relevant info you might need up front and center and is the go-to for you to look up anything you’re interested in within the world before the game starts.

The wiki will also grow as the game progresses; new pages will be added, new information will be added to existing pages, and the things your characters discover will be archived for everyone to look back on and learn from. For example, I might just tell you the basics about the organization you ran across or the people you encountered on your travels, but on the wiki you can find more a detailed breakdown of the things your characters might know about these things. I suggest you use the wiki to look up anything you’re curious about and if there’s something you want to know that’s not yet on the wiki, feel free to ask me to update it so that you can learn more about the world your characters are part of!

The Psionic Wars

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