The Psionic Wars

Day One

A party formed

Wroat, the capital of Breland. A shining city with a castle in the middle of a river, and the site of our first session. Harlan and his companion Proud-Feather have been living in the city for a time seeking aid in their odd quest; Delan, a practiced magician interested in the darker side of magic, arrived by airship seeking knowledge; Dimble and his ward Daegon arrived via lightning rail, an odd pair looking to make money… one way or another; an unusual creature, a lizardfolk named Ritiktalma, swam downriver seeking refuge in the city; and a warrior woman called Delphine sailed in looking for work and hoping for a challenge. The odd cast of characters went through a rough start.

Daegon stole Harlans’ berry pouch and coin from anyone he thought he might be able to lift from, right under the nose of his partner. Dimble searched for information, getting the lay of the land while Ritiktalma went fishing. Delphine signed up for a competition of combat in the Scylvane Arena, a traveling sporting contest that offers a reward to the winners. Likewise, Delan registered for an intellectual contest in the Arena. The competitions were set to begin in two days and both of them were eager to compete… But Delphine noticed something odd about the portly Showmaster who was arguing with an employee right before that employee fell to his death. Delan followed on the heels of this scene to hear murmurs blaming the Showmaster for the death.

Dimble, Daegon, and Harlan all heard rumors of a river monster and went to investigate. Daegon made a stop at a local market to spend his newly acquired coin on cheap foodstuffs. Dimble had an encounter with the river monster only to find that it was an intelligent and fairly polite (excepting the routine eating of pets) lizardfolk, Ritiktalma. Harlan showed up at a bad time and mistook the scene before him, he attempted to move against the lizard but was distracted by Dimbles’ sudden song. Daegon, hearing the singing, came out of the store ready for a fight just as Ritiktalma took to the rooftops at Dimbles’ urging. The situation was tense, but after a few brief moments the misunderstandings were cleared up and the four began to talk civilly. Harlan even offered Ritiktalma a rabbit that Proud-Feather brought him… Ritik accepted and ate the dead rabbit whole. They retired to a small hole-in-the-wall bed and breakfast style lodging and happened upon both Delphine and Delan. Just as the four were in the midst of conversation with Delphine and Delan both overhearing, the door burst open and in strode Keel Pekran. Keel was a parliamentary candidate for the upcoming election and was looking for adventurers to find a magic item to help fund his charity donations to the poorer parts of the city. All six near-strangers agreed, introductions were made, and a party was formed.

The adventure begins tomorrow but so many questions remain… What is this magical item? Will Delan and Delphine return in time for their tournament debuts? What is really going on in the Scylvane Arena and the Showmaster? And most importantly, what is this upstart group of adventurers going to encounter next?



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