Character Creation

The Rules

Create a first level character using the following criteria, if you have any questions please contact the DM. I do encourage you to speak to your soon-to-be party members to find out what everyone wants to play so that everyone can have a clearly defined character and role in the party. To survive and overcome the many challenges you will face you need a diverse group that has many strengths and few weaknesses.

Please don’t take this to mean that if your character doesn’t have a 23 AC or the ability to deal 98 damage in a single round that you won’t survive. You will need to fight, but you will also have to overcome enemies with more than just physical force and you will be asked to make decisions based on your characters opinions and desires. To play this game and have the most fun please attempt to create a group of characters, not an ensemble of stat sheets and players.

Books allowed:

Eberron Campaign Setting and any other book from the setting, Player’s Handbook I, Player’s Handbook II, any book that says Complete __________ (except psionics.)
p. Other books are not strictly prohibited, but must be cleared through the DM before use.

Common Races:

Dwarf, Elf (Valenar), Gnome, Halfling, Half-Elf, and Human.

Less Common Races:

Changeling, Elf (Aerenal), Goblinoid, Half-Orc, Kalashtar, Shifter, Warforged, and other including monstrous races. Any monstrous races will be stripped down to be as close to a starting race as possible and any remaining EL’s will be payed off with experience before you begin acquiring experience for your next character level. This is because many of these races are unpredictable as player characters and should be handled with care.


Any available from the books allowed or any other class expressly cleared through the DM. Remember the world setting and try to choose a class based on your character, please.


Use the Point-buy system shown on page 169 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide, spending an allowance of 28 points for a Tougher Campaign character. Do not roll dice, do not use any other method of generating stats, and please double-check your math before moving on. This is the spot where most players find trouble, please contact the DM if you are unsure of anything.

Feats and Skills:

Choose Feats and Skills as normal except for three factors. You may notice that Dragonmarks are available in the Eberron Campaign Setting book. These are available to you, but you must follow the requirements for the one you choose and speak with your DM before finalizing so the Dragonmark can be worked in to your characters story.

Secondly, Hide and Move Silently are One skill called Sneak. Sneak can be used to meet any requirement that asks for Hide or Move Silently, but any bonuses that only affect Hide or Move Silently only give Sneak half of that bonus rounded up. So anything that would give a +1 to Hide gives a +1 to Sneak, but adding another +1 to Hide doesn’t change the Sneak skill because +2 divided by 2 is +1. Adding a +1 to Move Silently would bring the bonus to +3 which would improve the total bonus to +2. Sorry for any confusion, but I hope this will become clear once we play.

Lastly, I encourage you to take non-combat skills. It’s often easy to take Jump and Ride, Tumble and Use Magic Device and more because all of these skills give us instant gratification. You can jump higher, ride better, roll past enemies, and use magical items. Because of this skills like Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Survival are often shunted or given fewer points. In my campaign skills like these will be useful and sometimes necessary so I ask that you try to round out your character by choosing one or two of the skills that you might just pass over in other campaigns.


Because I feel it is unfair to allocate different amounts of starting gold to different classes, use up to 150 Gold Pieces to purchase your starting gear. Please be mindful of the fact that you will have to survive on what you have and what little money you leave your character after buying what you can. Bear in mind that while your first reward will come early, it will not be immediate and you may have to make due with sub-optimal equipment to afford food and shelter until you earn more gold. I suggest you leave your character 15-25 gold pieces but I require a minimum of 5 gold pieces to be left on your character at the end of character creation.


Eberron is a world filled with magic and I encourage you to try taking practical and utility spells alongside whatever blasting spells you need to operate during a fight. Throwing a fireball may end the conflict at the risk of singeing a friend or two, but a well-placed force wall can prevent the fight altogether. Just something to bear in mind as damage will not always be the best option in this campaign and setting.


I require a story for each character, preferably this story would explain your characters’ motivation to adventure (whether a war veteran with nothing else to do, an aspiring mage hoping to get into or on a quest to finish graduating from Arcanix, or a street-rat who wants to protect the common people who were ignored during the Last War) and give your character a goal to obtain (in the form of a rival or a legend that they could encounter during their quest.) This story does not have to be very long, a paragraph or two will serve, but it can be as long as you want if you choose to go beyond. I also require a secret, one thing that your character knows that they aren’t willing to divulge. This could be a secret about your past (old rivals or an arrest record), a current problem (fighting against the very power they wield in combat or a secret mission they are trying to complete for themselves), or whatever else you can come up with. I may choose to speak with you about your stories and secrets after I read them so we can better suit them to the setting, the tone of the world, or the adventure you will go on.

Creating a character page:

Once your character is finished and approved, I would like you to copy your stats (hp and Str/Dex/Etc. and Saves), feats, and skills onto a character page you create. This way I can reference everything I need while we’re playing and won’t need to ask you what your saves or AC is, I can just have your character open in a tab.

That’s all Folks!

Your character is now complete and if you followed all the steps it is legal for the Psionic Wars Campaign. Thank you for taking time to do this right and I hope you have some fun during character creation because it will be easier to have fun in the campaign if you go into it liking your character. I’m using a vast world and I’ve filled it with conflict and intrigue for you and I want your party to have the tools at your disposal to overcome any type of conflict, be it war or subterfuge or politics.

Character Creation

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