The Silver Flame

The Lawful Good deity called the Silver Flame is an abstract, disembodied force closely associated with a once-human woman named Tira Miron. Herself now immortal, Tira (now known as the Voice of the Flame) serves as the intermediary between the holy Silver Flame and the mortals who can never attain sufficient purity to communicate with the Flame directly. The Church of the Silver Flame is dedicated to protecting the common people against supernatural forces of evil, and thus it attracts great numbers of paladins to its cause. Because of the history of Tira, archery is an important tradition within the church.

While the religion is fairly new, it was born in 299 YK hundreds of years ago, it has gained staunch support from all over Khorvaire and legions of dedicated followers in the nation of Thrane. The church is said to have been born when Tira Miron merged with a couatl in a silver pillar of flame to stop a demon from escaping Khyber and destroying Khorvaire. Members of the church carry a silver arrowhead engraved with a stylized flame and consist of templars, warriors, paladins, clerics, and exorcists trained to meet evil forces head-on. The average followers worship the Silver Flame and follow its teachings as dictated by the Keeper of the Flame.

The Keeper of the Flame, currently eleven-year-old Jaela Daran, is tasked with interpreting the whisperings of the Voice of the Flame and making decisions for the church and its direction. The interpretation of the Voice is a crucial step, because it is said that the tolerant and good-hearted church and its followers sometimes hear something else through the Flame. Something less tolerant and possibly evil, its whispering rarely occurs but when it does it encourages people to do awful things… At least, that’s what the followers say. Some believe it is simply a way to explain away some of the atrocities committed in the name of the church.

The Silver Flame is generally tolerant, but it does not abide supernatural abominations. Because of this and some whispering from the Voice of the Flame, the church began a crusade over thirty years ago to destroy all lycanthropes. At first there was some question as to whether or not shifters should be hunted and killed as well, but the shifters put the questions to rest when a large number of them joined the crusade against their ancestors. The shifters claimed that their ancestors were threats to civilization and that they were out of control, that lineage gave them no bond to their kin. The Silver Flame took this as a sign of good faith and pardoned all shifters from their crusade. Today, the crusade is ongoing though fewer and fewer lycanthropes are to be found. Some of the church believe that there is a large number hiding and waiting to strike back at the Silver Flame.

Some fanatics of the Silver Flame believe that every word from the Flame is sacred and need not be interpreted. These individuals are rare, but strong of faith. They are much less tolerant than the church at large and more vindictive and hateful of those not of the faith. These people believe that there is no other entity within the Flame whispering darkness, but that even the darkest things the Flame asks of them are for a reason. They embrace the atrocities done in the church’s name as necessary evils for a greater good and are even willing to commit such atrocities themselves if they believe that is what the Silver Flame wants.

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The Silver Flame

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