Organizations and Institutions

These organizations are the movers and shakers of the world where people with influence, money, and power gather to throw it around to get things they want. Some of them seek to employ adventurers for good or ill, some seek to send their members on missions, and all of them have the means to get what they want one way or another. Whether it be the Twelve, an arcane institution dedicated to magic, or the Dragonmarked House of Cannith, a group of tinkerers and craftsmen who forged sentient golems called Warforged, these groups have goals and may need your help to achieve them or need your might to stop them.

Religious Orders
These churches help fund wars or adventures for one reason or another, some do horrible things in the name of their god, some try to nurture good in the world. For whatever reason they spend their coin and use their influence, they are influential and important enough to be considered a major organization as well as a religion. In the name of their gods, these people could earn your help or your ire through coin and power.

Dragonmarked Houses
These houses are the bearers of the dragonmarks, each one holding a single mark and being comprised of the families that carry the mark and their relatives, friends, and employees. One does not need to have a dragonmark to be tied to a house but you need to work for or be a relative of a family that does carry a mark. These houses have become an integral part of Khorvaire and its economy with innovations such as House Lyrandar’s airships, House Sivis’ traveling papers, and House Kundarak’s banking system.

National Organizations
These organizations have no ties to any larger group, like the Houses are tied to each other or a religious order is tied to its religion, instead they are simply well-funded people willing to spend that money in the name of something. Either for exploration, knowledge, or the lords and ladies of the royal families these people will task outsiders and their own members with missions of various sizes for their own ends and many of them reward their members and outstanding employees VERY well.

Organizations and Institutions

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